Parenting With Heart

‘Parenting With Heart’ is about building capable, self-confident and content children through heart centred, respectful care of infants and toddlers. Focusing on the personal skills required to support the natural unfolding of infants and children up to school age.

‘Parenting With Heart’ is a place where you and your baby will be nurtured, you will be accepted, you will be encouraged and you will experience what is needed to strengthen and maintain your bond, your relationship with your child.

The relationship is all.

At ‘Parenting With Heart’ classes we build community. A place full of trust, trust in ourselves as parents, and trust in our children. A place to learn who you are and who you want to be, to see who your child really is and how you want your family to relate to each other. It is a place where you will meet other parents and be supported in your role as a parent. A place where you build a community of kindness around yourself and your child while making your experience of parenthood a pleasure.

‘Parenting With Heart’ will hold evening ‘Discussion & Dessert’ evenings where we will have discussions around a topic, read a chapter of a book and discuss together, or watch relevant educational DVD’s etc … and of course, eat dessert.

If you’d like to know more about this beautiful start to parenthood, or to book into a class, please contact me, Kelsey on 027 329 9466 or

Come and pause.


What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.

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